Here is some information about some of our beginning programs:

Our lessons are by appointment. The ground school classes are typically in the spring and fall, and other times as needed. We usually teach ground school class over a 3 day weekend.

We operate from The Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) in Cedar Rapids and the Waverly Municipal Airport (C25).

For any of our training programs, TSA requires we get a copy of your birth certificate or passport to begin training. If you are not a U.S. citizen, there is a process for approval via https://www.fts.tsa.dhs.gov/ 
Payment is by the lesson. Typical lessons are 1.0 – 1.5 hours in the early stages of training.

Sport Pilots:
– Fly 2-seat Light Sport Aircraft only
– Fly daytime only
– Fly VFR (not in the clouds)
– Cannot fly for hire

Private Pilots:
– Fly any FAA certified single engine land airplane (multi-engine with an additional rating)
– Fly day or night
– Fly VFR (not in the clouds), May fly IFR (in the clouds) with an additional rating
– Cannot fly for hire.

Your introductory flight lesson is just $119.  Please let us know when you want to start flying!