Amateur Radio General One-Day Class




This is an upgrade class for existing Technician class amateur radio operators.

Why should I take this class?
– Communications Back-Up Plan When Cell Phone System is Down
– Increase Understanding of Communications Electronics
– Make New Friends All Over the World
o Learn a new language with your new friends
– Advance Communication, Navigation, & Electronic Technology
– Public Service – assist in communications for local emergency agencies
– Experiment / Invent / Learn
– Try various forms of communications
o Satellite, Networking, Digital, Television, GPS, Morse Code, and yes, voice!
– Build things
o Radio receivers & transmitters, antennas, computers, test equipment, and even satellites!
– Resume Builder & Help Improve Job Knowledge
– Fun!

What is Included:
– This Full Day Class
– Lunch
– Study Guide Book
– Frequency Chart
– FCC General Class Exam & Same Day Results!
– Membership in local amateur organization(s)

Q: Can I really do this in a day?
A: Absolutely! The basics are actually fairly simple. The math is basic. You’ll learn a lot more AFTER you earn your license!
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No! If you can read and write, you can earn a ham license.